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UX Architect | Digital Strategist | Product Manager


About me

I’m a Digital Strategist specialized in User-Centric Design with leadership experience in marketing, advertising and business consulting. I'm passionate about technology, innovation and helping brands understand what their customers really need. I enjoy sharing knowledge as a mentor, speaker and community leader.

Some Brands I've worked with



Role: Product Manager
Skills: Team leadership, Product design, UX Research and testing, Agile development, KPIs analysis
What I learned: In this role I learned to apply everything I had learned about UX and transform that into a product plan that can be deployed, followed up and measured.

The problem: Rocket wants to become Mexico's financial advisor and help users make better decisions with their money. However Rocket lacked of a value proposition or even understanding of their user's needs which resulted in lack of product vision and wasted effort due dead-end projects and re-work.

The solution: We implemented a product roadmap which laid out the steps and features we needed to bring our value proposition to our designated core audience, along with a team dynamic that allowed for fast releases, short learning stages and improved workflow. We reduced operation costs by half and increased funnel efficiency by 500% in 6 months.


Entre mamás nido

Role: director of digital strategy
Skills: Team leadership, user research, digital planning, social media strategy
What I Learned: this role required everything I had learned about digital platforms to build a brand ecosystem that communicated a consistent brand experience in every touch point for a very diverse and demanding target audience

The problem: Nestlé NIDO had one of the largest mom communities on Facebook, but mothers didn't seem to engage or care for content from the brand. This affected the brand's relevance by letting mothers aggregate on other communities and losing touch with what was really important for them: their kids wellbeing.

The solution: We developed a workflow to create Social Media content that was relevant, informative and that sparked conversation even without the aid of promoted posts to show every kind of mom, through every stage, that NIDO was an expert they could count with and that would support them as moms, but also value them as women, giving them a safe space to voice questions, doubts and fears. Engagement increased 1,110% month to month.


nissan mexicana

Role: information architect
Skills: Information architecture, user research, wireframing, prototyping, data & analytics
What I learned: This is the project where I applied what I had learned so far about UX architecture in order to build a very complex web tool that would improve both the user experience and the brand performance.

The problem: Back in 2013, Nissan's website was technologically outdated without reponsive design, social media integration and overall bad performance.

The solution: We did an integral revamp of the corporate website, built from the ground up with HTML5 and web page preprocessing and refactoring (before it was cool) built around APIs and Database Services that would allow for a dynamic experience that would fit the ever changing  needs of the client. All of this was built with a modular structure with the use of a design system and page templates that helped performance and allowed for easy navigation with a consistent experience. As for results, users found   the information they needed within 1/3 of the time, reducing bounce rate and increasing requests for test drives.

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